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Genealogy Resources:

Families of Shasta County: Over 3000 families with genealogical connections...


Redding Traffic Cameras: Live

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Click here for Shingletown events and links to their community websites.


Northern Califonia Travel and Tourism Information Network: Wonderful pictures and info about Shasta County and surrounding regions!




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Find a contractor in one of the following Shasta County cities:





Cameron Mac Leod Construction 18614 Silhouette Ln Anderson 5303575564
Clement Construction 16594 Hawthorne Ave Anderson 5303575024
Construction Purchasing 19800 Hirsch Ct Anderson 5303781359
Dillree Construction 5308 Cochise Way Anderson 5302231977
Eric Dunton Construction 17823 Kyler Ln Anderson 5303573256
G M Construction 16104 Setting Sun Dr Anderson 5303572665
Jerry Harvey Construction 17890 Shawn Dr Anderson 5303574508
John Kiefer Construction Co 4607 Balls Ferry Rd Anderson 5303655900
Kenneth B Sills Constr Co 6875 Villa Compadre Ln Anderson 5303781554
Frank Lo Bue 1720 Mill St Anderson 5303655721
M L Husa & Sons Construction 19481 Jacqueline St Anderson 5303652876
Madera Construction 19810 Hirsch Ct # 3 Anderson 5303650492
Marx Construction 2100 Marx Way # 7 Anderson 5303651800
Michael Trathen Construction 19799 Hirsch Ct Anderson 5303780100
Munday Construction 24695 Dersch Rd Anderson 5303657564
Rick L WEBB Construction 19686 Hirsch Ct Anderson 5303655794
Robert L Wilson Construction 7036 Cowan Ct Anderson 5303658696
Royal Crown Construction 7380 Quiet Dr Anderson 5303650280
Shasta Adventures 6172 Meister Way Anderson 5303652782
Stout Construction 6040 Hornbeck Ln Anderson 5309492728
Three Amigos Construction   Anderson 5303572347


B E Rocha Construction   Bella Vista 5305493411
Blue Ridge Builders 12109 Old Ranch Rd Bella Vista 5305493762
Hofer Construction 15862 Oak Run Rd Bella Vista 5304723357
Romero Construction Co   Bella Vista 5305494334


B Stone Construction 37177 Ontario Ave Burney 5303355153
Dall Construction PO Box 187 Burney 5303353897
Hat Creek Construction 24339 State Highway 89 Burney 5303355501
Osborne Construction 20139 Hudson St Burney 5303352122
Pasternak Construction 38173 State Highway 299 E Burney 5303352500
Sunshine Construction 36218 Bird Flat Rd Burney 5305474282
T C Construction   Burney 5303355828
Warren Construction 36502 Bird Flat Rd Burney 5303353909
Wilderness Construction 36539 Mountain Home Rd Burney 5303352237


Advantage Construction 3525 Locust St Cottonwood 4153096883
Andrew Burford-General Constr PO Box 2266 Cottonwood 5303471904
Arbor Homes 22236 River View Dr Cottonwood 5302273206
Buckaroo Builders 16975 Davis Garden Dr Cottonwood 5303476191
Carpentry Connection Inc 3650 Main St # A Cottonwood 5303470777
Cheney Drew Construction 19224 Sandpiper Ln Cottonwood 5303475574
Chris Kraft Construction 19578 Canyon Dam Pl Cottonwood 5307220486
Cutting Edge Development 3939 Wauteck Ln Cottonwood 5305100238
D Allen Construction 16975 Oak Tree Ave Cottonwood 5305296802
Dan Lanier Builder   Cottonwood 5303476356
Dream Building Construction   Cottonwood 5303471269
Engel Construction 19419 Stonegate Dr Cottonwood 5309494764
Hartgraves Construction 15735 Gas Point Rd Cottonwood 5303473545
JDL Excavation & Constr 16655 Launder Ln Cottonwood 5303471127
Johnson & Assoc 19191 Stonegate Dr Cottonwood 5302271930
Larry B Mc Carn Construction 18421 Del Norte Dr Cottonwood 5303471524
MNM Construction 19141 Condor Way Cottonwood 5303470804
Ralph E Adams General Building PO Box 1127 Cottonwood 5303470418
West Valley Construction Co 17123 Marianas Way Cottonwood 5303474382


B Pierce Construction   Fall River Mills 5303367272
Danny's Backhoe Svc 43418 Sanger Ln Fall River Mills 5303365098


California Tile Contractors 6508 Buell Rd Igo 5303962450
Nature's Way Construction 12961 Platina Rd Igo 5309176920


Elite Construction 20750 Lakeshore Dr Lakehead 5302388712


Fall River Builders 44863 Pine Shadows Rd Mcarthur 5303366802
Gap Construction Inc   Mcarthur 5303365297
Howard Delbert Building 829 Schneider Ranch Rd Mcarthur 5303365176


A Quest Construction 8718 Hufford Way Millville 5302217329


Hot Line Construction Inc 29865 Hwy 299 E Montgomery Creek 5303376965


Albatross Construction Co 10790 Oak Run Rd Oak Run 5305474135
Allen Gill Construction 10019 Oak Run Rd Oak Run 5305474334
Knight Construction-California 16218 Buzzard Roost Rd Oak Run 5304721121
Nickel Builders 27905 Bullskin Ridge Rd Oak Run 5306045650


Dennis Mc Gee Construction 42124 Blue Heron Cir Old Station 5303357142


Chuck Mann Construction 8545 Maynard Rd Palo Cedro 5305472411
Finish Crew 9461 Deschutes Rd # 10 Palo Cedro 5302451703
Gary Mitchell Construction 23088 Old 44 Dr Palo Cedro 5305475875
Gerald Flowers Co   Palo Cedro 5305473661
John P Riley & Son 9480 Cedro Ln # C Palo Cedro 5305474427
Laloli Construction 10558 Leslye Ln Palo Cedro 5305106595
Native Masonry Construction 10827 Rogmar Dr Palo Cedro 5305495363
Pride Builders 6820 Stone Meadows Dr Palo Cedro 5305474883
Ron Rourke Enterprises 22049 Old 44 Dr # 2 Palo Cedro 5305471140
Tico Construction 22193 Jerrett Pl Palo Cedro 5305493773
Tom Shaw Construction 10481 Fire Mountain View Ln Palo Cedro 5305494555
Womack Construction & Rstrtn 22029 Redbud Ln Palo Cedro 5305474804


A C Framers Inc 4588 Caterpillar Rd Redding 5302423930
Abercrombie & Co 2141 Jewell Ln Redding 5302437259
Ace Development   Redding 5302461087
Adkins Construction Co 2384 Castlewood Dr Redding 5302220605
Al Shipman General Contractor 3835 Eagle Pkwy Redding 5302473777
All Phase Construction 5851 Emerald Ln Redding 5306046757
American Heritage Construction 3617 Stokes Ct Redding 5302248531
Americor 2184 Hilltop Dr # C Redding 5302234800
Andrews Co 2560 Templeton Dr Redding 5302217141
APL Construction   Redding 5309458200
Arrow Pest Control Inc PO Box 493411 Redding 5302468695
Associated Construction   Redding 5302663256
Axner Excavating Inc 2900 Old Oregon Trl Redding 5302220539
Aztec Contruction Inc   Redding 5302753327
B E Rocha Construction Inc 1180 Industrial St Redding 5302263333
Baywood Builders 10746 Old Oregon Trl Redding 5302211625
Bear Mountain Construction 1023 Roseland St Redding 5302214570
Ben Armstrong Construction 8200 Taylor Ln Redding 5302462263
Big Foot Construction Co 3611 Pioneer Ln Redding 5302433631
Bobby Martin Construction 1892 Crestmont Dr Redding 5302216263
BPK Construction Inc 1245 Chandon Ct Redding 5302233337
Brook Parsons Construction 1527 Gold Hills Dr Redding 5302412974
Buildrite Wind Water Fire 5601 Cedars Rd # I Redding 5302464886
Built To Last Inc 2779 Bechelli Ln Redding 5302269103
Cache Creek Construction Inc 12664 Williamson Rd Redding 5302758124
Cardinal Builders 2762 Dawnridge Dr Redding 5302438543
Cerami & Browning Constr Inc 1822 Buenaventura Blvd Redding 5302441247
Cerami & Browning Construction 1884 Keystone Ct Redding 5302222345
Chris Kraft Construction 4576 Alta Saga Dr Redding 5307220486
Christian Pelletier Constr PO Box 991661 Redding 5302433099
Cousin Gary's Homes 4920 Westside Rd Redding 5302418101
Cronic Development 1361 E Cypress Ave # C Redding 5302234190
Cronic Disaster Svc 2662 Tarmac Rd Redding 5302228228
Cuneo Construction   Redding 5302751668
Currie Construction   Redding 5305150152
Custom Creations Construction   Redding 5302097889
Dale Construction 2727 Churn Creek Rd Redding 5302223157
Dan Price General Contracting   Redding 5302751038
David Bailey Construction 1375 Chestnut St Redding 5302433888
Troy L Dean 756 Metro Way Redding 5302441858
Denton Construction 3233 Rancho Rd Redding 5302267444
Dezign Excavating Inc 169 Hartnell Ave # 128 Redding 5302220729
Disaster Response 20172 Charlanne Dr Redding 5302242323
Don Ajamian Construction 819 Palatine Ct Dr Redding 5302233977
Donald F Gallino Gnrl Contrctr 5601 Cedars Rd # C Redding 5302467671
Douglas Bourne Construction 11430 Quartz Hill Rd Redding 5302450435
Duane R Smith Contractor 3165 Howard Dr Redding 5302444600
Duckett Construction Corp 1855 Buenaventura Blvd Redding 5302443235
Durvis J Ralls General Contr   Redding 5302428156
Eco Homes 6280 Oasis Rd Redding 5302756064
Edwards & Assoc Independent 1400 Setter Dr Redding 5302249922
Elkins Caribou Construction 3250 Churn Creek Rd Redding 5302215751
Ellis Brothers Construction 9428 Kilbey Rd Redding 5302269645
Engell Construction 1271 Mistletoe Ln Redding 5302235880
Eric B Johnston Construction 4439 Tenaya Ct # A Redding 5302299499
Flatout Construction Inc   Redding 5302417900
Garage Guys & Construction PO Box 494505 Redding 5306047724
Gifford Construction Inc 2556 Heather Ln Redding 5302266000
Gilmette Construction 2615 Bechelli Ln Redding 5302226447
Gold Ribbon Inc   Redding 5302421695
Golden Rule Construction 9365 Magic Cir Redding 5302418029
Grace Construction Co Inc 14421 Old Oregon Trl # A Redding 5302758635
Gregory Scott Construction   Redding 5302211501
Grossen Co 2806 Tarmac Rd Redding 5302421531
H L Construction 225 Locust St # 201 Redding 5302432245
Harbert Roofing Inc 8865 Airport Rd # M Redding 5302233251
Heirloom Construction 2543 Dewberry Dr Redding 5309458777
High Performance Wall Systems 9678 Tanqueray Ct Redding 5302228767
Impression Builders Unlmtd Inc 3691 Bechelli Ln Redding 5307220915
J F Matthews Custom Builders 2447 Christian Ave Redding 5302274987
J Williams Construction 10413 Abernathy Ln Redding 5302244545
John Murillo Construction 344 Weldon St Redding 5302450707
John N Riley Construction   Redding 5302441166
Jones Construction   Redding 5302413901
Joseph's Construction 7599 Placer Rd Redding 5302413879
Jurin Construction Inc 1020 West St Redding 5302291118
Kenwood Construction PO Box 492589 Redding 5305157663
Kiewit Pacific Co 100 E Cypress Ave Redding 5302241403
Knighten Enterprises 1320 Yuba St Redding 5302430910
Krainock Construction 8700 Muletown Rd Redding 5302434641
Lackmann Construction 2663 Bunker St Redding 5302233608
Laing Construction 1825 9th St Redding 5302410948
Lakmann Construction 2776 Tarmac Rd # 2 Redding 5302225556
Lanzaro Construction   Redding 5302236949
Lendman Construction 4960 Huntington Dr Redding 5302241019
M & M Construction 3283 Pioneer Ln Redding 5302430544
Mack Construction 1015 Butte St Redding 5302223455
Mack Construction 1440 Spruce St Redding 5302223602
Mark L Coulter Construction Co PO Box 494847 Redding 5307220391
Marx Construction 5200 Churn Creek Rd # D Redding 5302233425
Mc George Construction 1621 Tahoe Ct Redding 5302434454
Mds Construction 14771 Wonderland Blvd Redding 5302752779
NCCI Nor Cal Custom Contr   Redding 5302434267
New Concept Builders   Redding 5302218508
North Valley Builders 5777 Beaumont Dr Redding 5305105704
Northwest Homes 1822 Buenaventura Blvd # 105 Redding 5302470441
Ochoa & Shehan Inc 3075 Crossroads Dr Redding 5302210527
One Call   Redding 5302411161
Palomar Builders Inc 1300 Jen Ct Redding 5302228588
Patrick Warren Construction 2178 Edinburgh Way Redding 5302469464
PBL Designs 3275 Wilshire Dr Redding 5302218667
Peters Construction Co 2920 Innsbruck Dr Redding 5302269911
Platinum Construction 2752 Montana Sky Dr Redding 5302212810
Pontarola Construction 1607 Spanish Bay Dr Redding 5302444948
Precision Builders 1157 Grand Ave Redding 5302461288
Premier Builders 16001 Yankee Mine Rd Redding 5302415292
Quantum Construction 6748 Creekside St Redding 5302430573
R & S Construction   Redding 5302232509
R A Roman Construction 20076 Miller Butte Rd Redding 5302755070
Raab's General Contracting Inc 2553 Victor Ave # A Redding 5302224477
Raw Construction 1753 Riviera Dr Redding 5302467624
Reed Construction Co 20922 Heston Ln Redding 5302410994
Rightway Construction 1872 Mary Lake Dr Redding 5303566000
Ritchie Custom Homes 4741 Peaceful Ridge Rd Redding 5302463656
Robert M Henning General Contr PO Box 494729 Redding 5302241717
Robert S Bryant General Contr 5255 Eastside Rd Redding 5302416262
S & J Development 19207 Pinnacle Ct Redding 5302418882
Salmon Creek Construction 3510 Summit Dr Redding 5302442855
Scott Herndon Construction PO Box 990392 Redding 5302413010
SDW Construction 36 Tidmore Ln Redding 5302431546
Semper Fi Svc 945 Wall St Redding 5302223877
Seward L Schreder Construction 9555 Crossroads Dr Redding 5302222460
Shasta Construction 16006 Alhambra Ln Redding 5302441413
Shasta Remodeling Co 3673 Eureka Way Redding 5302463500
Shufelberger Construction Inc 9580 Crossroads Dr Redding 5305473000
Sims Construction Inc 11091 Rhyolite Dr Redding 5302438626
Smith Concrete   Redding 5306045376
Soldano Construction   Redding 5309419477
Space Building 4350 Caterpillar Rd Redding 5302444825
Stan T Lundahl Creative Ind 2165 Rita Ave Redding 5302469256
Steve Dobson Construction 9060 Chaparral Dr Redding 5302463524
Stony Creek Homes Inc 1484 Hartnell Ave Redding 5302263366
Sundial Homes 1840 Churn Creek Rd Redding 5302225395
Tarmac Road Villas LLC 2260 Tarmac Rd Redding 5302217325
Terry R Winberry Construction 4087 Fig Tree Ln Redding 5303654368
Tina's Interior Design Rsrcs 2757 Bechelli Ln Redding 5302231195
Trayford Construction 975 Sierra Vista Dr Redding 5302420646
Tri Shasta's Construction Inc 537 N Market St Redding 5302467086
Trim Works Construction   Redding 5302261610
Vision Construction 1253 Brandon Ct # H Redding 5305247879
W E Baker Enterprises 4488 Mountain Lakes Blvd Redding 5302291651
W T Martin Construction Inc PO Box 991974 Redding 5305475334
Wallingford Construction 7938 Sans Souci Dr Redding 5302416227
West Coast Construction 18630 Ogden Dr Redding 5302462440
Western General Construction 346 Woodhill Dr Redding 5302416854
William Mc Clure General Contr 19003 Genevieve Rd Redding 5302449055
Wright Builders 1632 Tahoe Ct Redding 5302445649
Zanotelli & Son Concrete 2157 Sophy Pl Redding 5302219466
Zimmer Construction 350 Hartnell Ave Redding 5302217276
Zimmer Construction 785 Twin View Blvd Redding 5302444395


Ostling Construction   Shasta 5302432383
T G Construction PO Box 611 Shasta 5302470684


Allen Ottinger Construction 2060 Cabello St Shasta Lake 5302754047
Alstrom Hydro Us Inc 16349 Shasta Dam Blvd Shasta Lake 5302751654
Associated Contracting 4545 Trinity St Shasta Lake 5302755369
Aztec Construction 3595 Iron Ct Shasta Lake 5302759199
Barday's Construction 17635 Yellow Pine Ave Shasta Lake 5302759470
Dean R Martin Construction 2504 Ostling Ave Shasta Lake 5302443459
Godman Construction 4794 Orkney Pl Shasta Lake 5302756698


APL Constructions 31267 State Highway 44 # 3 Shingletown 5304745400
Applied Construction Svc   Shingletown 5304741799
Bruce H Baxter Enterprises Inc 33010 Aleen Rd Shingletown 5304745239
J T Logistics 10329 Ritts Mill Rd Shingletown 5304743436
Larsson Construction 31285 State Highway 44 Shingletown 5304745405
Richard Cox Construction Inc 6811 Black Butte Rd Shingletown 5304744775
Sutter Brothers Corp 7464 Yew Wood Ln Shingletown 5304743127

God Bless America! 

Picturesque mountains and streams in Shasta County, CA...

Hat Creek, Shasta County, CA...

Burney Mountain, Shasta County, CA...

Whiskeytown ruins...

Rustic Scene in Shasta County

Shasta Lake...Shasta County, CA

Riding the Range in Shasta County, CA...

Sacramento River Trail

Check out these excellent links to more information about Shasta County:

Shasta County, California  This is the official government site for Shasta County.  Click here for information on all the County departments and services.

California Travel & Tourism:  California's official source of travel and tourism information.

Northern California Parks: Take a look at Ahjumawi Springs... Burney Falls... Castle Crags and Shasta Historic Park ~ especially if you're interested in beautiful scenery and camping.

See Map.

City of Redding The city's official web site...chockfull of good information!

Viva Downtown Redding  Check here for details on Viva's exciting annual events drawing attention and people to downtown Redding.

City of Anderson  A guide to the city of Anderson ...including such topics as: City Departments Parks & Recreation; Police;  as well as other informative links

Anderson Chamber of Commerce  The Anderson Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to building successful businesses in the Anderson and surrounding areas.

Featured  World Sites ...

 Afri-Cam: Fantastic site! Live images of Africa's impressive animals. Contest for viewers who capture unique images. If you like observing wild animals, this site will keep you enthralled.



Some Notes on Shasta County

Shasta County is the economic, cultural, and geographical center of the northern section of the State of California. The City of Redding is the county seat for Shasta County.   Redding is the county's largest city with a  population in excess of 70,000.  The cities of Anderson and Cottonwood are located directly to the south of the City of Redding.  The newly incorporated City of Shasta Lake is located directly to the north.


The topography ranges from the flat valley area in and around the City of Redding, which is about 300 to 500 feet above sea level to Lassen Peak that reaches to the height of 10,455 feet above sea level.


Shasta County has the unique distinction of having three different mountain ranges flow into the county.  The Sierra Nevada Mountains are located in the eastern section of the county, while the Cascade Mountain range is in the north county and the Coastal Mountain range is located in the western county. Most visitors find it striking that one can view the snow-capped Trinity Alps, Mount Shasta and Lassen Peak from almost any location in and around the general Redding area.


The shoreline of Shasta Lake, located just a few miles north of Redding, seems almost endless.  Beautiful clear blue waters of Shasta Lake offer all forms of boating enjoyment.  Numerous secluded coves offer peace and quiet for those enjoying one of hundreds of fully-equipped houseboats available to rent.  Fishing is available county wide.  Shasta County has numerous creeks, streams, lakes and rivers for fishing.  For the lazy fishermen there are hundreds of spots that have easy drive-up access.  For the more fit, there are exclusive native trout areas that are located in the non-vehicle wilderness areas.


The Shasta Caverns are located on Lake Shasta.  A unique boat-in tour will provide you with memories of  magnificent underground cathedrals formed by the timeless process of mineral accumulation. 


Redding is also a cultural and entertainment center for Northern California and southern Oregon. Check Arts & Crafts for local links.



The City of Shasta Lake Online

Be sure to check out this site.  As they say...

"The City of Shasta Lake is located along Interstate 5 in Northern California, midway (600 miles in each direction) from San Diego to the South and Seattle to the North.  Great incentives for bringing your business to our small,  friendly city with low crime and high quality of life.."


Welcome to Cottonwood!

A historic place in Northern California...a great place to be!








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